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We offer Consultancy

We act as consultants to a number of clients including coal mining, sugar cane growers, sugar refineries, governments, private insurance companies and banks. Intelligence in Sugar and Coal Commodity market is where we thrive. With the consultancy service, we offer  sector reports, price forecasts, crop investment opportunities and support, due diligence on buyers, sellers and manufacturers, in-depth analysis on specific sugar and coal related projects. We also offer team training – teaching people who know nothing to know something.

imagesOur Mission Statement

To become a recognized global leader in providing agricultural commodities and coal chain customer solutions that enable them to succeed in their businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Coneco Group is made up of a small closely-knit team which includes experienced and respected brokers, analysts, consultants and researchers. Some of our partners operate their own shipping fleets which gives us the opportunity to offer highly competitive prices. We know all of our suppliers personally and always look to interact in positive and constructive ways to solve any potential obstacles our clients might have. We will work with you until we get it just the way you want it.

Coneco Group offer:

 SUGAR ICUMSA 45/600-1200

 Beet Sugar


SPOT Shipments and contract
FAST LOAD Shipments
CONTRACTS in small and large quantities. (MOQ = 12,500mt)


-Steam coal

-Coking Coal

-RB1 and RB2

-Pet coke

Used Rails


MoQ 30,000 MT


                                        Heavy Melting Scrap

HMS1-2 80:20 ratio

MoQ 30,000 MT

Iron Ore 64.5%

Powder, Fines, Lumps, Pellets

MoQ 150,000 MT

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