We are able to supply indonesian steam coal;

Specification: GAR 4200 – 4000 (ARB) / NCV 3800 – 3600 Kcal (ARB) / GCV 5300 – 5100 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 5500 – 5300 (ARB) / NCV 4700 – 4500 Kcal (ARB) / GCV 5800 – 5600 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 5800 – 5600 (ARB) / NCV 5500 – 5300 (ARB) / GCV 6300 – 6100 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 6100 – 5900 (ARB) / NCV 5800 – 5600 (ARB) / GCV 6500 – 6300 (ADB)
Price: HBA Indonesia Pricing Index

Supply Ability: 50.000- 150.000 MT/Month

Origin: South Kalimantan
Loading Rate: 7,000>8,000MT PWWD SHINC
Packing: Bulk (+/-10%) per Shipment
Shipment Terms: FOB MV / CFR / CIF
1. Buyer sends Letter of Intent LOI;
2. Seller issued FCO in favor of the buyer;
3. Buyer returns FCO with acceptance page filled, signed, endorsed and ICPO with soft probe permission;
4. Seller/Buyer would release draft contract; But better from Buyer including Laycan Schedule
5. Contract negotiation begin over emails between End Buyer/Buyer and Seller;
6. Final draft contract sign electronically by both end buyer/buyer and seller;
7. Final contract signing would be schedule in Indonesia-Jakarta where all mine
8. Mine site visit would be arrange within 1-2 days after the final contract is signed and sealed if requested by the end buyer;
9. Within seven (7) banking days the buyers bank sends the non-operative/operative, irrevocable, non-transferable Documentary Letter of Credit;
10. Within seven (7) banking days seller would provide 2% performance bond which would automatically activate the DL/C.(IF Buyer need PB from Seller)
11. Delivery and shipment commence as per schedule mutually agreed in the contract.

Coal South Africa origin;

We offer  RB1 coal FOB and CIF
The Quantity we can supply 50,000MT X12 Months=6,00,000MT Per month+-10%.

Please find below spec for South African coal RB1:

Quality Specifications Typical Min/Max
Net Calorific Value (arb) NAR 6217 kcal/kg Min 6012 kcal/kg
Total Moisture (arb) 6% Max 7%
Ash Content (arb) 14% approx. Max 16%
Volatile Matter (arb) 23-25% Min 21%
Sulphur (arb) 0,65% Max 90%
HGI 45-70 n/a
Size (0-50mm) Above 90% n/a

The procedures are as follows-

1. Buyer send LOI
2. SELLER issues soft corporate offer
3. Buyer accepts soft corporate offer and seller issues COA
4. Buyer send ICPO and LC draft
5. Seller issues contract.
6. After signing contract LC opens
With 5 working days
7. After opening LC , with in 20 days shopping is done.

For all the request please send your LOI.
Please ask for any other type of coal.
Please serious end buyers or mandates who can follow procedure e-mail us at; or